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I wanted to update this blog,

My quad has been changing and morphing so quickly. We are truely blessed for the dynamic that we share, as my husband and my girlfriend went on an amazing emotional journey this wkend. I am so proud of them! They found out just how they fit in eachothers lives, as for both of them, they come from very closed upbringings and although they want our quad more than anything, it has been difficult for both of them to find their own definition of what a relationship is between them. They only knew how much they love eachother and love me and her boyfriend as well.

We are all deeply in love with eachother and it's amazing to read some of Mono's post because I can relate to the idea that, I don't understand how I can be so blessed and feel so complete w them.

We had tried a 'v' previously. And although it didn't end poorly, it certainly was not fulfilling to both my husband and I nor was it actually a compliement to our relationships core. It wasn't the 'v' that caused it, it TRUeLy is the people you surround urself with.

Polly is based on building relationships with people you deeply love and care for on a level that no one else will understand.

My boyfriend and I talk constantly. I have found a kindred spirit in him and it is because of the open communication of our relationship and open eyes of all of us involved of how truely epically blessed and loved we are that it works.

We all see and know to the core, just how much none of us could survive on the same plane we do without eachother. We are truely better people scalar of the energy we share.

I have read it several times over on these forums: love takes work.

Love comes natural BUT love takes work to communicate sometimes. Love is a universal Language but we are all humans ontop of these loving spirits. It takes help and open eyes to understand things when our human nature doesn't translate our spiritual selves correctly.

Much love and peace to you all. My blessings.
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