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So tonight Redpepper had her entire immediate family over for supper and invited me to join them. This gave me a good opportunity to get to know her brother better as we chatted and hung hand made pasta together LOL! (first for everything)

The entire night felt very comfortable and I could sense that I am becoming comfortably present in their lives. Tonight was without a lot of the "encroaching" feeling I have had in the past. I am simply becoming comfortable with all of them. I am sure this will give me confidence when in the future they know of my involvement in Redpepper's life.

Redpepper, her husband and me really do work well together in this type of setting. I'm sure it is a little odd for her parents and brother to see me as a guest who just happens to do dishes and knows where everything goes in her kitchen!!

I am giving everything I have to my love for Redpepper and trying to make sure her family is thriving with me in it.

The future looks amazing
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