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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I kind of disagree... To me fidelity means being faithful to the commitment you've made not to have outside partners. It can happen is a mono relationship or a poly one. If there is commitment but no faithfulness, it's cheating. If the commitment isn't there in the first place, the relationship is open.

A relationship that is poly AND closed might sound weird but it's not that uncommon I would think.

Oh, and to me promiscuous means horny tease, but doesn't imply actual sex. But I guess I'm wrong about that? I always thought it was about the attitude, not the actual actions.
I agree. Polyfidelity would be nonsensical if infedility was not possible in poly. Infedility being a break in faithfulness to the commimtents made, has to be part of polyfidelity or any poly relationship that has clear rules of engagement for sexual or emotional attachment.
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