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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
TL, I'm not a doctor, but my one young adult daughter has a major anxiety didorder and Ive done lots of research. Your mood swings might be more related to a possible bipolar disorder, and self esteem issues, than actual jealousy? Just an idea.

It seems to me you're in Florida and don't have any insurance for meds or therapy?
Personally, I believe that 'this disorder' is TOTALLLLLY normal! It is a matter of you figuring out the triggers, then doing something about them, ie, trying to communicate with everyone to 'lessen' them....or to relax through them because they will pass.

The whole thing is tough....and requires LOTS of work and communication. Apparently, as others have said OVER AND OVER, it is worth it to work on yourself!! I am not sure if I totally agree or not....yet!!
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