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Pepper: My new love has no problems with my girlfriend. My girlfriends does not like her for reasons such as her physical appearance (my new love is smaller that her) and to a certain extent her personality is opposite of hers.
And thank you for the links. reading even the first few pages have been enlightening and comforting in the way that at least I'm not alone
Mono: I can see how it may be her not wanting to cope with the poly. We have had a another before and all three of us got along. Situations just came up that the relationship between my girlfriend and I and the other were not meeting all of each others needs so we parted. Since then I think my girlfriend has been weary of it.

My girlfriend and I have talked about long term goals and what we want down the road. Between my new love and I we haven't been able to get that far because we've all been dealing with how to cope with the current situation. So that's one point to start. Thanks.

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