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Hey Moonglow,

I really don't want this to sound trite - only to try to inject a little reality check in here. Ok ?

Is this REALLy the first time in your life that a dream you had or a promising start hasn't worked out ?

If so I say you've led a charmed life ! Welcome back to reality

Is the pain terrible ? You bet it is !
Can you make lemonade from it ? Only if YOU choose to.

Time is a great healer. So is taking to heart the fact that the universe does not always choose to adhere to OUR rules (or dreams & plans). Embracing that is an important part of future happiness.

Be ready for the next wonderful possibility to appear. It WILL come and you are more likely to miss it if your eyes are clouded with tears or your head is buried under a pillow.

Big hugs to you and a pinprick in the ass to get you moving again

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