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Originally Posted by Breathesgirl View Post
Examine what's happening to put you in a down mood. It sounds to me like you are not getting enough one on one time with L. Maybe the two of you need a date night where the phones go off (or at least unanswered except for family emergencies) on a very regular basis.

Are you really being constantly put on the back burner or does it just seem that way because you need some serious one on one time with no outside distractions?

It sounds like some deep introspection & couples communication is in order.

How do I deal with it?

If I like the person Breathes is in a relationship with I don't have any problems. We have our weekly day/night where it is just the two of us & no one else is invited without both of us agreeing to it.

If I don't like the person then the jealousies and insecurities set in & I have to remind myself A LOT that it is me he chooses to come home to every time they're together
We have spent more alone time since meeting D ! We go to the beach alone on our motorcycle with camping chairs strapped to the back! We sit alone for hours just talking and holding each other. We do this so much now our kids think we live at the beach! We find parking lots that are empty and sit and make out!
As for the liking D... T tells me all the time that he does. But that D is to quiet.And D is until you get him to open up, he is like that with me alot! And I LOVE to talk and to hear people talk to me. I don't know what to think.
All I know is I can't live with my husband unhappy!
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