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Thank you everyone. I have been sick actually home from work and of course had a lot of time to think about this. I will probably call a counselor. My husband is so supportive and he feels just as confused as I am and I guess with time it will pass. There's a strong possibility my path will cross with this person again and I am unsure what will happen. I am not seeking it out by any means. My husband does want an answer though interestingly enough though not seeking it out either.

I appreciate your kind words and thoughts. I will honestly say that when it worked, it really was beautiful. We played music together, we shared meals, we had started making tenative plans. It was a friendship lost as much as a love lost. I would say to anyone although it didn't work out here, it was still worth the experience even though the pain is far greater than I could even imagine.

Finally I would like to say I am truly happy for him that he has found a love so deep and profound in his family. Just of course I am wishing... well you know. I am a fool.
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