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I started out dating a million people I met on line... all men. The women I met didn't show up or backed out. One became a lover and now is just a friend...

I met Mono on line. He was looking for a casual one night stand and was very carefully pursuing me. He managed to pursue others in the mean time... I assume because I wasn't willing to just come over and fuck him... hmmmm.... actually I don't know why that was, maybe the timing was wrong? He will respond I'm sure. In the mean time we chatted on a dating sight back and forth and then finally got together for coffee. It was love at first sight really... I knew it would all be different with him the moment he opened his mouth.

Now it's a bit different. I am apart of a poly community that I have since found and am involved in. I'm sure that if I were in the market for another man I would find on there. I am looking for a woman partner and seem to be making a tad bit of head way on that.

In a small town that would be difficult I'm sure. I feel for you. I grew up in a small town and I now would not survive it, AT ALL!

I guess, if I were in your situation I would tell him that you are glad he has his new girl friend because she likes metal concerts and you don't and that is why poly is so great because you can have different partners to do different things with. Also I would mention that you were disappointed at first to see him with his new gf because you thought you had missed your chance again, but are now wondering if you really have and that you are interested in trying out poly with him if he and her are into it. If they aren't then that is okay too.
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