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Wow....WTF is this crap? I am experiencing bouts of jealousy, of all things! From day to day, I am a wreck, then I am on a high and all is well...Then I am on a low....Then a high...Then a low again. UGGH! It is driving L NUTS! And she feels like it is all her fault even though it's not.

Example: Yesterday morning, I was fine. I felt like a million bucks. Then, a trip to Target with L and I am in the dumps again. I'm not sure, but it seems as though her texting her D put me over the precipice.

Her NRE drives me crazy sometimes, yet it's fun to watch at others. How do you guys get through this without ruining it all? L wants to simply call the whole relationship off. But thats not fair to HER, orher D. I really DO like seeing her so happy, but to constantly be put on the back burner is disconcerting at times. And I have no way to occupy my mind when it happens. So....How do you deal with it?
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