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Thank you... I've already cancelled him as an authorized user on my credit card and cancelled his debit card. I need him to go to the bank with me to take his name off the account I share with my husband (who makes many times what Korre makes)... If he refuses then I close it the day after tomorrow and open a new one up. His best friend Joe, who I was also seeing, won't talk to me either. He has a cell phone on my plan. Two more days without a word from him and I will be cancelling that, too.
I let Korre take his firearms I payed for, his xbox that was in my name, a ton of clothes I bought... He left with more stuff than he came with, more valuable stuff, too.
I know its wrong, but I don't want to give up his stainless steel pots and pans, or his cutco knives that I bought for him and am still paying for. I am going to return his new bike to REI, I love their return policy. Or I might give it to my mom.

I know it is fairly normal to want to keep things you know aren't really yours in a break up, but I also don't think its right. I am torn between my own selfishness and anger, and my ethics. But logic tells me, he's living with his mom now, what does he need with pots, pans, and knives? I don't know.

The fish tank is one thing I am sure he's not getting. I payed for it, I payed for every fish in there except maybe 1, and I have been primarily taking care of it. It's been 'his', but now its mine. He has no space for and can't move a 55 gallon fish tank anyway.
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