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Default Hello, new to Poly

Hello, you can call me Hadashi, I'm from Northern California.

After years of confusion I finally recognized I was poly and bi. The bi part I knew, the poly part was news to me. Both parts were a surprise to my wife. We're still working on that part. It's been hard for her; she has had poly-like impulses in college, but she's been very mono with me for 19 years.

For my part I've indicated what I want, but I'm being patient. I find that I don't usually get what I want, but I do usually get what I need. So, I'll just lay back and let life move at it's own pace.

Otherwise, I'm a 40-ish male living near San Francisco. I work in the computer industry. My wife is a writer. We have 2 children and 2 cats. I'm all about hiking (barefoot, usually), restoring old cars and nearly anything computer related. I'm a big fan of Macintosh computers, but I promise not to preach. And I hope to one day learn to play my guitars properly.

I recently was approached by a mono in a surprise mono/poly relationship; she needed help on her approach as she really didn't want to leave her husband but wasn't sure she could handle his poly-ness. Eventually she managed to talk him into (poly neutral!) marriage counseling. It felt GREAT to help someone - maybe I can do that once I know what I'm doing.

Glad to make your acquaintance.

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