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I posted that query late Sunday night wondering about how much to initiate conversation with new people. Happily, I got some advice that gave me some much needed perspective, and I feel much better about the whole thing.

Monday was one hell of a great day. Despite my worried post, I ended up receiving over fifty texts over the course of the workday, including some from the lovely MBG who brightened up my lunchtime with her happy self.

While I heard from about seven different people, most of them were from Zen. He kept up a steady stream of texts throughout my workday, and sometime late last night he finally worked up the courage to see if I was free this weekend. I was more than happy to bequeath Sunday to him, and if plans hold, I'll be driving into Anchorage for a day of mystery and intrigue.

Even today he was no slouch on the phone. Zen made me laugh all day, calling me a Russian spy, and teasing me about various things. I needed it too, as I have been feeling slight bouts of vertigo lately. Not too worrisome, but still something to keep an eye on.

The biggest surprise is that last night I ended up talking on the phone with a guy off of OKC who had messaged me sometime in April (pre-poly talk with Mr. Unicorn) and I had very nicely turned him down. I was going through my old messages, saw his, revisited his profile, and decided to respond again. He replied back very shortly, and we started chatting.

We realized rather quickly that sometime in early August I had exchanged some messages of tentative interest with his wife, who has been out of town all summer. We both thought that was rather cool, and I was having some problems with the messenger, so he ended up calling. What ensued was the loudest, most hilarious phone call I think I've ever been on, as we were one-upping each other with stories of how stupid people can be. I haven't laughed that hard in a very, very long time. I hope at the very least that I become friends with these people, because they're both very cool.

Ulysses was going to come over and help me can tomatoes tonight, but it turns out he can't make it, and though I'm sad I don't get to see him, I'm rather glad, as I don't really feel well enough to be working in a hot, steamy kitchen. I'll can this batch later this week and we'll have to try again once he gets back from his trip.

Mr. Unicorn, who I have determined will always be the coolest guy in my universe, took me out on a sushi date last night, one that we had planned, but that I had completely forgotten about. So it was a surprise for me, and we had a great time. He also helped me stay on track while we shopped for some additional canning supplies, and even brought everything in and put it all away. He's so great!
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