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Sean has told me he has no secrets from me, and no secrets from Rag. I can repeat everything I want. It doesn't mean I say everything, sometimes it's just not relevant.
I was actually worried about that when talking to a girl friend. We tend to share everything, and I wasn't sure how comfortable Sean was with that. I asked him and he said "it's girl talk, tell her whatever you want", and he did mean including details about our sex life, personal stuff about him, etc.

I don't hide things from either Rag or Sean, but I guess I wouldn't want them to repeat them to everyone. But I'm in a relationship of not keeping secrets with either. Now if either one had a secret, I wouldn't share it with the other without their consent. But I tend to like the idea that I don't have to hide things from them. Doesn't mean I have to say everything either, of course.
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