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Thanks SNeacail,

I am no longer a pastor. Both my wife and I are actually not interested in being involved with church or religion, and it is amazing how we have both journeyed this together and come to very similar conclusions at the same time despite still working through our other issues concerning what happened with "J". This has been especially amazing considering my wife is also the daughter of a pastor from a very traditional religious background!

You are right though in regards to it now leaving a hole where we were once working together as a team, but now we have had to pursue individual careers. But having said that, I think this has been a good thing because she has been able to pursue interests that she perhaps otherwise would not have, and she now has a very successful massage, reiki and bowen therapy business. I take my hat off to her! I, on the other hand, have floundered since leaving the work I loved. I couldn't go back for many different reasons, mainly due to a change of thinking around the whole religious system side of things, but I did love the actual work. But I'm also confident that this is a season...

But I agree totally in seeking to make my relationship with my wife the best it can be...
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