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Originally Posted by polyexplorer View Post
being the pastor of an evangelical church and poly don't exactly mix and it certainly wasn't on my radar...

My wife was OK with me having another emotional lover, as long as that other lover was my work. She and I were a front line team in that endevour anyway. We were a threesome! A triad. Her and me and our work! As a threesome we were making a difference in people's lives! Seeing healing happen, promoting community and spiritual well-being. We were all in love!
When you backed away from your work, you backed away from your wife as well. You were a team and now the team is having to forfiet games because you backed out. You cut out an essential part of her life when you cut it out of yours.

Are you still a pastor? This maybe something that needs to be seriously re-evaluated between you and your wife. Can the two of you be a team, helping people in a similar manner without the expectations that come with being a pastor and a pastor's wife?

A personal love interest should not be replacing your life's work, it should be able to enhance it. Is this making you a less effective pastor, sounds like it? Will you harm your family by pursuing this (ie: put yourself out of work)?

Originally Posted by polyexplorer View Post
I so badly want to be with my wife forever
Then start by making this relationship the best that it can be first and then go from there (I know, I've just said this in another post - sorry).

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