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I think its important to remember that you came to life for her. Up until now you have only been seen I pictures, have been an on line partner to your shared love. She knows you are real, that isn't what I mean, it's just that when actually faced with someone, it is a completely different thing.

Just as in meeting someone you have been chatting with on line. There is all kinds of assumptions made about who they are based on what you know in text and pictures/videos, then you met them and see that they are flesh and blood just like you, have an energy about them, just like you and that there is all the other bits that are not relayed in text etc, just like you. Chances are it was just a shock and she will adjust with time.

No doubt it will have brought up some stuff for her around boundaries and what her needs are with your love, but that is a good thing no? Maybe just a few points, maybe more....better that than nothing. I would be more concerned with nothing! I would wonder if she were human!
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