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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Even when you're actually sailing. Truth is, sailing is probably a really good analogy for relationships. The guy at the helm is constantly fighting the current and the wind, having to make adjustments. When the guy at the helm makes adjustments the guys on the sails need to match them. If it doesn't happen just right, every thing goes to sh*~ really fast. If the team can't communicate to get the problem fixed, things go from bad to worse. Smooth sailing last just about long enough to get something to eat and go to the bathroom. Occationally you loose all wind and go absolutely nowhere.
excellent analogy. I love it!

@monaural- that is so awesome! I'm so glad you have taken a risk and made yourself vulnerable! I'm glad it was worth it. It could very well be that this woman of yours has not had that kind of honesty in her relationships and is grateful and more in love and respectful of you now. I love when men saying things straight up. So sexy..
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