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Originally Posted by Superjast View Post
A couple of thoughts,....

- Pollypocket,... I can understand that you want her to see that there are no secrets between your husband and yourself. But if your trust is far bigger then she can ever realize, it`ll be moot trying to show her . She might end up dismissing it, which would be counter-productive. Sometimes we need to get down on our knees, reach people at a level they understand, and help them rise up to a higher level. Just food for thought there.
Not quite sure what you mean, Superjast.

Hubby is going to tell C, that we disclose almost everything to each other. She has seen this so it shouldn't come as a big surprise. I honestly think that she has never had this level of trust with ANYone in her life, so it is quite a foreign concept. Maybe I do try to teach too much. Who knows?

After a luscious weekend, she contacted hubby yesterday and asked to meet for coffee....the weird thing is, I would have been fine with it, but Hubby said to her, "everything is going so well now, why would we want to mess it up by a secret meeting". Now, bare in mind, that we are a 'quasi triad' which seems to be rather unique and has different rules than him just meeting her and me meeting someone else....although, I still think that the BEST way to avert heartache is by telling the truth and having a plan. Like, "hey, C wants to have a coffee with me this morning, do you mind?" Or better yet, "C wants to meet me for a coffee tomorrow, do you mind?"

It sounds a little 'controlish' but I think, as the wife that has opened her heart and home to a third, I can be okay with that. Right?

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