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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post

Full transparent disclosure...removes somethign intimate I think.

Still thinking on it myself. This is an interesting topic. I am all over full communication, but that is VERY different than full disclosure.
I suppose "Full" disclosure could be a bit much, YET I think that it is important for C to realize that there is a bond of trust between my hubby and myself far BIGGER than she will ever be able to realize. So, when she asks him for coffee or over to her place etc., the reality is that he will tell me. AND I think it is important for her to know that he will tell me, because ultimately that will either build bridges or barriers to OUR level of trust.

Do you know what I mean?

It seems that there are not too many 'quasi' triads on the board....and I imagine that is because they are so tricky to navigate, and ultimately fail.

It is a very surreal experience to be BFFs one minute, baking cakes together, and all in bed together the next. It is sort of like switching a light on and off.

My other girlfriends in my life have established a level of trust that is rich and deep....over many years. For C, due to the circumstances, I am not sure if we will ever get there. It's sort of sad but I am taking it in stride (trying) and reciting, 'it is what it is'....a very FUN loving relationship that for the most part makes me feel good, and at other times, drives me insane!!

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