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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
Do people make mistakes? Absolutely they do! It's pretty easy when your not the one "in the wrong" to blast others who have faultered. When someone is asking for advice around cheating or lying though I'm pretty sure that the general consensus is going to be not to do it. I don't know if part of the distinction between cheating on a test and cheating on people is that we are putting our lives in our partners' hands if we are fluid bonded with them and therefore need to have absolute trust in them. With a test it kind of sucks to cheat and get caught but you move on and it really doesn't affect anyone else.
Without knowing what II does for a living ... what if this was a medical professional's test? A police test? A pilot's test? He could very well have been putting the lives of others in danger if he's expected to know the answers in the moment! (Not meaning offense II, and I probably would have done the same thing ... )

What's my point? Well, sometimes perhaps cheating on a partner should be put in perspective. I think circumstances exist in the real world where cheating is the least of all evils. It should by no means be the first option one turns to, but when speaking of cheating I am always triggered to remember a quote about abortion: "The only ethical abortion is MY abortion."

II, love the blog. You have really given Indigo and I something to think about. You may be on to something by asking QUESTIONS.

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