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Aw gemini girl that sounds rubish, I don't have a completely direct comparison, but was in sort of similar place a while ago. One of my best friends from school is male, we went to diffent uni's and he met his (now ex -but thats irrelivant) girlfriend there, when I went up to visit she was jelous of our friendship (evan tho it has always been totally platonic and aromantic.) Has your sweetie got other loves? Has she met them? Could it be she's just adjusting to the reality of your pressence? I totally know what you mean re not wanting to cause people you love heartache, but I agree with morning glory, really don't think you have anything to feel guilty about. It sounds like you went with good intentions and treated everyone nicely, imo there is nothing more you could have done. Hopefully time and communication will heal her wibbles and all will be able to be healthy and happy. I coped with my sitch by remaining constant with my friend and trying not to dwell on it, for us it blew over. Hope the best happens for you

peace and love

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