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Originally Posted by Barry View Post
There has been a tremendous amount of research done on individual personalities and how each personality type processes and perceives his or her world. Kiersey developed a method to define specific personalities and Myers-Briggs added their own spin to the process.

My employer paid for our whole crew to be tested with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator about two years ago- I am an ENFJ- it was fascinating!

I was working at a metal art gallery & school, so the crew was a bunch of artists, and moreover blacksmiths, who in my experience tend to be excellent folks, but a little rough around the edges.

We all got to see each other's profiles and discuss what they meant to our positions within the team, and figure out how we might function better. We all felt the outcomes were eerily accurate, so I vote yes for this test- I periodically dig out my folder and look at it when I am delving into a new project or situation- thanks for mentioning it- I will be looking it over again today, thinking about it in the context of poly!

As to the alone time/social time question, I find myself working in cycles throughout the week. I need a few days in the week to write/do artwork/read, just be generally undisturbed, but then cluster lots of social activity into the other days of the week. I feel just as comfortable doing both, I just have to allow for both. I am quite the butterfly when I'm out, or in class, but when I'm spending time alone- as my husband has come to respect- I really need to be alone.

One of the things that is most precious to me about being alone is that I don't have to get dressed, do my hair and face, etc., don't have to have outside stimulus or talk to anyone. I just sort of bask in myself, and I love it.

On the other hand, I truly enjoy spending one-on-one time with friends and family as well as being a part of a big, rollicking group, getting lots of hugs and affection, laughing, dancing, adventuring with others.

It's a balance for me, and I just have to value that and make time for both.
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