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Poly-fi for us (Simplified for ease of sharing):

For us poly-fi means that we agree that any new partners have to be accepted by the "whole" group of us.

Now that means several things depending on the person.

In our "quad" only 3 of us are sexually involved with one another.
SO-as a Quad the rule is that no one moves in and joins the FAMILY as a family member without the FOUR of us agreeing.

In our "V"-I am sexually involved AND fluid-bonded with Maca and GG. Therefore if ANY of the three of us is going to be sexually involved with someone else, the three of us need to be in agreement about it.

Mimi can have sex with whomever she pleases without our two cents, but if she's wanting to bring them into the household as a family member-it would need to be discussed as a quad.

The rest of us may not be sexually active with another person without the three of us discussing it and agreeing first.

ALL four of us are free to maintain any type of non-sexual, deep, meaningful (or shallow meaningless) relationships that we wish with whomever we wish
SO LONG AS THOSE PEOPLE DO NOT NEGATIVELY IMPACT THE FAMILY DYNAMIC (ie no drug addicts bring brought home to hang out, no pedofiles, etc).
We all maintain numerous relationships outside of the family dynamic that are non-sexual and have never really had a problem with that. We also have many mutual friends amongst us, in pairs, trios and the quad as a whole.
Generally speaking people whom we invite to hang out at the house are "family people" with kids of their own or who are used to being around kids a lot, becuase we have 5 kids here of our own.

Ok-feel free to knock me with questions!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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