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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
One of my things with tats is the definitiveness of them. I think I could definitely go with some body art that I know will fade away, and appreciate them while they're here, knowing they won't last... if that makes sense?

I'm wondering if you know of any non-permanent body art that wouldn't look cheap, or if it's best not to do anything at all? Using something like a stamp kind of defeats the point of "this is unique and temporary and I want to appreciate it while it's there because then it will be gone forever", but if painting it on myself there are many places I can't reach...
Maybe I could make my own stamp and use it only once?
Maybe look up henna artists. I think its lasts about a week and the artists can do some amazing work. The colouring is...less, at least in the art I have seen. But it is similar to temp tatoos with texture and they last longer. Its also kind of ritualistic if you are into that.

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