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Default thinking about new beginnings

Hello again. I posted here about 6 months ago, saying I'm in a mono marriage but realizing that I'm poly. Wanted to update y'all and maybe get some input from people who have been down this path. So I've finally accepted that my partner is never going to agree to an open relationship and would rather divorce, based on some really frank discussions we've had over the past 2 weeks. Before, the thought of leaving this relationship was too scary to think about, but now I'm seeing it as a real possibility. So that is progress, whatever I decide to do, at least now I feel like I have options.

I guess the thing that is still bugging me, is if the reason I've feeling like I want to have sex with other women isn't just about the sex, but because my wife isn't meeting my emotional needs? In that case, maybe it's possible to fix the issue or rekindle things with her. Maybe I could be happy being monogamous, if other aspects of the relationship were working better. I'm a very loyal person and don't like breaking promises or giving up.
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