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Default Poly gatherings in Australia

Hi there. I've only just joined here - I'll get around to posting an intro in the appropriate place eventually.

I just wanted to let those in Australia know that whilst there aren't any formal Poly gatherings of this type in Oz there are a number of different places where we do get together.

For example - there is a Poly Village each Easter at Confest (sort of an Australia Burning Man, but with water and trees - I think we had 30+ people camping in the village plus many others who dropped in to visit. I also believe there will be a fair contingent heading to the Summer Confest this year as well (although not those of us that organise the formal village).

There are also a few things that go on in country Victoria (near Bendigo and also Wodonga).

Suggest you keep an eye out on one of the poly email lists (e.g. the PolyamoryAustralia Yahoo group).

Hope that help!

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