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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
WWWwooooooowwwwww! Ok, so today my wife came out to her mom completely. Her mom was ok with it! In fact, her mom said that she and my farther in law were in a relationship with another couple during the 70's. WHAT!!!!! Her mom noticed that L had stopped talking about S & D as much, and that she (L) sounded a little upset, and so asked her flat out if we (L and myself) had broken up with S&D. my wife said that we had, but that wasn't the reason for her being upset. She told her it was because of a new person in our lives, and myself, not exactly working out ideally. L told her mom that she (L) was seeing a guy and that he was a different race. (i.e. not white) Her mom said "Honey, I don't care if he's black, white, asian, or alien. As long as you're happy.". Wow....I never expected that! LOL So there you have it...The people who matter to us the most, are mainly ok with it....The ones who matter less to us, have issues. Interesting.
That's awesome to hear. When I told my mother (my wife was on the phone at the same time), she just repeated over and over that "open relationships don't work." Almost as if repeating a Mantra. It was quite funny actually. I quietly said "don't work as compared to what? All those excellent monogamous relationships in our family & extended family... of which I can name only one? 'Cause if that's working, at least my failure will be a ton more interesting!"

Months later when she was in town (actually only a couple of weeks ago), we sat at the edge of the lake and talked about everything. She managed to say at this point, that if you can make it work more power to you.

I'm out to a few friends and my sister. Slowly expanding that circle but feel no need to push it out to everyone. Though I have thought about posting it on facebook. Any facebook friend of mine paying close attention probably already knows because The Ethical Slut is in my book list, as well as certain info in my blog alludes to polyamory.
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