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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
yes, D that is exactly it.

I guess I should move on an hide in my poly-fi house with only those I fuck, cause there is no room for us poly-fiers in the outside poly world... too bad that those who are looking for what I have don't have any outside evidence of this working or existing ... I guess they will have to suffice with the poly daters...

sarcastic, but frustrated. It extends to everywhere really... not just in the poly world. There seems to be a struggle to have depth with most people.
Maybe. To be blunt, I tend to recommend people to the poly community when something has gone wrong or they need their "Poly 101" cred. The larger poly community is really, really good at teaching new ways to communicate and do poly.

Once that's done,however, it is a lot easier to find a social circle where people don't care what you do with your naughty bits and go from there. You get an occasional dater, but as most activities around which social circles are built are explicitly non-sexual(i.e., the SCA or political parties), you tend to get people who are there for either the socializing or the activity itself. For better or for worse poly/sex-positive communities are based around sex and so will draw people who are interested in sex.

In regards to having depth with most people I know exactly how you feel there. In my case it is intellectual(I am guessing for you it is more emotional), but I think the overall feel is similar.
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