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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

I grew up in a family with a mother that martyred herself. She felt a lot of guilt and has nicely passed it on to me... thanks Mom!
Hey, man - don't be a slave to your upbringing! Although I can't talk because I have allowed the way my mom 'was' to dictate the way I 'am' - but I strive to acknowledge those things every day, every time I do them and slowly change them.

As far as I can tell, you have nothing to feel guilty about. But if you feel strongly that you should feel guilt then perhaps some deep thought (or meditation if you are into that sort of thing) will bring to light what the REAL issue is.

What is guilt, anyway? The feeling that we have done something wrong. Have you done anything Wrong? And what, specifically? Did it affect anyone or do you just Think it did/might?

About feeling guilty for being happy - that is SILLY!! Stop it!! You have every right to be happy doing whatever you are doing. If someone else has a problem with it (YES even a loved one) and wishes you to change, then THEY should feel guilty for expecting you to become UNhappy for them.
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