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I used to feel like what you are saying. I am relatively new to computer communication and new technology. I have learned a lot in the past few years... a big lesson for me was the etiquette around texting and IM. The waiting drove me crazy and I would respond right away. I felt very disrespected and thought it rude when people wouldn't respond to me right away also.

I realize now that this is the best part about it... I can send a message when I am ready answering a question or communicating something. I know that i can ask hard questions and leave the person to answer in their own time also. It has been a good way to address issues where by there would of been some obvious emotion present if they had been face to face too.

I find that sending one text a day and expecting a text a day from those I love and care about is just about right for the long haul... more than that is fine, but if I keep my expectation to this then I am not disappointed. It's more sustainable this way.

We all have busy lives and it just isn't always appropriate or there isn't always enough time. This is what Derby and I do, because we can't always see each other. I know she is thinking about me and I her and that we are both here and we are both good if this is what occurs...

The rest of the people I text I just let it go.. I know that I can text them when I need to and that they will me also. Sometimes I just send on to say hi and don't expect anything in return... although it feels great when I do get a text back.
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