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When I was unattached and falling in love with one person from being single NRE was a totally different thing. Now I think single mum's and Dad's who are mono go through similar experiences to us poly's. They have children to consider. As we get older and have more responsibility there is more to think about while in NRE regardless of whether the relationship is mono or poly.

It is hard to be empathetic to others and be patient, but we have to be... I have found myself slide with people that are just not important but demand that they should be.... when no in NRE I would have the capacity to be patient or just walk away, but instead I have lashed out and gotten cranky. Not fair to them... and I regret that. That for me was the hardest part. The part I need to work on the most about NRE.

The rest was a matter of being a good caregiver... I am a caregiver by nature, because my mother taught me to be, to the detriment of what is good for me, so I had no trouble with this. No one knew my NRE existed to the extent it did. They still don't. I gave little away and I'm proud of that. I sucked it up and cherished it as a little secret all to my own. A little package in my heart that would burst forth when opened every now and then...

It has made it last and last... I am more in love than one could ever imagine and with every day that goes by. Falling in love over and over every time the package opens and with every gesture that this is "right" for us... all of us. I'm so glad to be able to have that everyday.
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