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have you heard of Aram Cara... I suggest doing a tag search for this as it could be helpful to you... I think it's one of Ari's threads actually.

As for your circumstance. Take your time. I know you are excited and have a "fire burning" but there is no rush and your wife is certainly not in a rush. Remember she is experiencing this in regular time. You are not because you are excited about the possibilities. Give her time, and yourself. If you want this to work then time is what is needed for it all to settle and for the issues to emerge and settle. At least in my experience.

I hope you turn your wife on to this forum so that she can ask questions and get support also. Both of you are not alone. If nothing else I hope you have a good read around in here to find what might help (do a tag search, check out the stickies etc.). Poly is not new and there are a lot of people successfully living in relationships that work. Keep at it and enjoy the ride... its not so much the destination, but the journey... its a life time of journeying.
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