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Originally Posted by Vinccenzo View Post
I hate the part of me that has rules for what is and isn't socially polite and scrutinizes anyone who doesn't match those standards. At best, it makes me a lovely party guest or host, but at worst, it provides me with convenient reasons for getting overly butt hurt about petty crap. So I internally told myself off and scrapped the idea of hopping on a train once they were looking the other way. This is new territory and perhaps old reaction habits have little to no application here? I'm hoping to at least use all this to examine myself and find personal growth for poor habits such as this one.
I do this too. If I am feeling shy or awkward in a situation, I get withdrawn and it comes across as if I'm upset with those around me and so they stay clear, which just makes it worse. It's a hard habbit to break and it requires being outgoing and friendly when all you want to do is hide in a corner (or go home).

Glad you had a good day.
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