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1. Yes, my two loves (both women) are built a little different anatomically, are wired differently emotionally and prefer different things in the bedroom.
2. As could be expected, my wife of 27 years has a little different sex drive than I do(hence me poly).....and my OSO (other lifelove) is reveling in the NRE and love life she now has after an essentially sexless/loveless marriage of 30 years, so her drive is higher than my wife's.
3. We do not have a threesome. Both women are hetero, monogomous with me only and unlike most poly guys, I'm not really driven by group sex with multiple women and don't feel compelled to pressure either of them into it.

As for a cooling off period, my wife def has one, though it's lessening, my OSO not. I don't have one either.

As for noise, my wife and I have been rather quiet for 20 years with kids sleeping upstairs above us. Now that they are out of the house, less so. My OSO is more vocal and I find I am more vocal around her. Since we all live together, out of respect for my wife and elderly mother, we try to maitain some decorum. I would love if we never had to stifle our passion/ emotion in that way.
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