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I decided to go anyway.
When we first arrived at her place, Husband told me to wait in the car. I sat there for about 5-10 minutes, fighting the urge to get sensitive over it, getting sensitive anyway and climbing in the back seat when they came out and continued talking without any hello to me or anything. I could not hear conversation as it continued and began to fancy finding the nearest metro stop once we arrived to wherever they'd decided we were going because no one thought to tell me our destination. I hate the part of me that has rules for what is and isn't socially polite and scrutinizes anyone who doesn't match those standards. At best, it makes me a lovely party guest or host, but at worst, it provides me with convenient reasons for getting overly butt hurt about petty crap. So I internally told myself off and scrapped the idea of hopping on a train once they were looking the other way. This is new territory and perhaps old reaction habits have little to no application here? I'm hoping to at least use all this to examine myself and find personal growth for poor habits such as this one.

And it was suddenly much better! Out of the back seat and on the feet! I found myself included in conversation and enjoying myself. The ride was nixed for purchasing bike parts. Then we headed for a street festival to grab steak and mushroom pie before heading back to her place to show her how to put the new parts on her bike. Still no roomate in sight though!

S shared with me that she is now keeping herself to a 4 drink minimum when she goes out to determine for herself if she is in fact, lacking in self control with her consumption. Time will tell all.
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