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Originally Posted by MindfulAgony View Post
I have no disagreement with the notion that - on average - we can't have romantic love/NRE for more than one person at a time... while recognizing that there is variation in both people and situations which may lead to that "rule of thumb" being violated.

Overall, the TED talk resonated with me. The notion of there being three kinds of love (romantic, attachment and lust) is interesting. Doubly interesting in poly scenarios.
Yes, for me too! I can soooo see ~ as time passes ~ that the NRE might JUST be HUGE components of Lust for me!! It feels so good to touch someone new, and you can see how one's mind tricks you into thinking that it is "love" but really, for is not. It took a long time to figure that out though!

I seem to have fallen into the average - about 3 months of STRONG NRE and now it is more calm. I can say "No" (to many things!). Yay!

Of all the things to be addicted to....this one would be a bitch! I hope I don't crave it again!

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