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I like what Mindful Agony said.

For us, poly-fidelity is pretty much about sex. We have all agreed to only have sex within the quad. For my peace of mind, it's been agreed that anything else will be negotiated in advance.

I find it interesting to note, Asha doesn't feel threatened by sex, but sometimes she feels threatened by emotional involvement with someone else.

ETA: I meant to say, of course we all allow friends outside of the relationship, and of course we can have friends that aren't friends with the others. But, at least for me, because I love my partners and want them to be a big part of my life, I usually try to introduce them all. To make this example easier, when Easy and I were monogamous, he had lots of friends that weren't all that familiar with me, and I had a smaller group who weren't all that familiar with him. But because we have limited time together, and we attend some things together, we usually introduce the spouse who isn't involved in the social group at some point.

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