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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I'm mostly confused about the joke about marrying ME, which in itself wouldn't be something I look at twice. But I'm wondering, now, if she's realised Rag likes her and thinks we both want a relationship with her? Romantically I mean. I'm only interested in men, but if she didn't mean that way it will be weird to tell her so... And I don't want to stop being friendly with her, either.

Either way, I think it's rather positive that she's been joking about it. It seems to me she's trying to bring the subject in one way or other.
I had a thought about this earlier this morning, and I think a part of the missing context is important... there was a mutual friend of J and myself in the room. J is straight as well, so she could joke about marrying Tonberry freely and have it be "safe", but when she made the bigamy comment she and I were the only ones in earshot... it might not be significant, but who knows?

I also suspect that J might know I'm in an open marriage. While I haven't come out yet, I've been testing the waters with a couple of... let's say poly friendly comments at work, to which she's mostly responded in neutral to positive ways, although jokingly in each circumstance. J has a great sense of humour though (which is the biggest reason I'm attracted to her), so she jokes about a lot of things and I can't take it as a dismissal of the concept.

Maybe I'm overthinking this, overthinking is my forté, but a little optimism can't hurt.

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