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I'm saying that emotional entanglement (or romantic love) is harder to gauge when it begins; there's no bright line. So, I can be in a fedility situation (mono or poly) and develop a non-sexual relationship with someone that becomes very close. And, let's say at some point I fall in love with this new person. No sex takes place. However, the emotional connection is viewed as a violation of the commitments I've made to my partner(s). There's no easy gauge as to when that relationship crossed the line.

There's often an expectation that there's both sexual and emotional fidelity with these kinds of commitments. Emotional fidelity is often implied because it's too hard to figure out violations of the rule. So, sexual fidelity is the rule that carries the hammer and tries to do the work on providing limits
on both kinds of entanglements.

I'm not sure that's clarifying, but I tried.
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