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Originally Posted by TeJoKo View Post
Sex starts when SEX starts. Words are not sex. I don't get horny from words that come from someone I've known for years... only from people I am just meeting. I can be turned on by people I've known for years, sometimes, but I usually just shave sex out of obligation with them. I HATE that about me and am going to see a psychologist for it... so all these people telling me just not to do it isn't helping what so ever. I want to understand, not just NOT do it.

Please explain how restricting sex to what sex actually is is restricting my and and body. I mean, if all those things you mentioned are sex, then I have sex with my mom, just without the physical stuff... except when she hugs me against my will.
To comment on the *words are not sex* comment. Words are not sex but sex starts in the mind. The most important sex organ IS the mind

He can talk to me, turn me on like no tomorrow and without EVER touching me, bring me to the brink of orgasm. 10 seconds of touching and that's it - I explode all over the place.

People on here talk about clitoral stimulation a lot because orgasm through vaginal stimulation is not common.

I don't orgasm from G-spots - even though its "common" I don't squirt, even though its "common" And I have NEVER had an orgasm through vaginal penetration on its own. Clitoral stimulation is always necessary.

My suggestion to you would be to spend some time with yourself. Touch your body in different ways, figure out what DOES feel good instead of focussing on what doesn't.

Have fun with it And don't put so much pressure on yourself to orgasm. Sex feels good. All of it - not just the orgasm part.
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