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Confusion sums up my feelings quite nicely... in fact yesterday seems like one giant moment of "wait... what the hell just happened?"

After Tonberry made her post, I had some time alone with J due to our other coworker having to leave early during the part of the day that's pretty much down time, so we started talking. I told her a bit about the trip Tonberrry and I have planned for her after she gets her permanent residency in Canada to go spend a month in California, omitting the part about it being to see her boyfriend. She responded with "well what do I get after I get rid of this cold?" and I offered to take her out to dinner, which she didn't think was fair because Tonberry gets a trip to California. I made a joke about scale, and we eventually decided that when I got back from vacation I'll take her out to dinner to reward her for not killing the coworker whom she, I and one of our coworkers have dubbed Captain Grumpy Pants (the captain part was my contribution).

So... I'm not entirely sure, but I think I asked J out on a date and she said yes.
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