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Our sons and my other love's daughter are all off to college and know nothing, other than we are all dear friends who've spent 20 years doing things together. Surely they know we all share some kind of deep friendship/love together but don't know the actual details or living arrangements we share intimately. I know that atleast 2 of the 3 ( who are more eclectic)will take it well, knowing that their parents are in love and living well with eachother, the third one is probably a little more conservative and will initially probably not know how to handle it. He may view my other love as a threat to his mom, but I don't think it would last for long. I know the secrecy wears on my wife as she worries that we may screw up our kids lives forever. They are all adults now and probably not nearly as shocked by alt lifestyles as my wife is. I'm sure they'll be ok and our fears unfounded. Having said that we'll probably wait another year or two if we can to ease them into the idea. Don't know if this helps anyone else out there.
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