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Originally Posted by TeJoKo View Post
Some men will literally CRY because they can't make a woman cum. Some men will repeat over and over "you gonna cum for me baby" ... I almost told him to get the fuck off me after the second time I had to say "No".

Having to share my men with a woman who can orgasm for them
This is a HUGE turn-off for me. I hate it when men do the "you gonna cum for me baybee" thing. I don't "cum for" anyone but me. This is the most cliché, insulting, frat-boy, chauvinist line anyone could ever say to me in the throes of passion. The reason for this is because it's not about my pleasure. It's about HIS EGO. I applaud you for saying "No" and I WOULD have pushed him off me after the second time. I also don't understand why women fake orgasms for this very reason. The men who say this and think of women's orgasms as being "for them" deserve to be with the women who "fake" orgasms. Gah. To think some people go their whole lives having sex this way...

Let me guess: this makes you "feel even more defective", right?
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