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Whoa boy....Well, my wife and I have two facebook accounts. One for her, and one for me. On hers, she has a lot of her family as her "friends"....On mine, we have only real life friends who we have met and are friends with in person. Well, I told my wife that I was going to come out as poly on my facebook account and keep the account set to "private" so that her family wouldn't see it. We figured that her parents might be "too upset" by it, and her father is currently in the hospital and dying, soooo....yeah.

Anyway, I came out, and one of my friends said "I never knew you guys were swingers". I explained that this was a bit different. She said "your bedroom = your business". Well, a couple days went by, and I posted that L had a date with a new guy. Our friend, we'll call her N, got on to FB and sent me a message saying that she doesn't think that it's appropriate to post so much about the dates, and that we shouldn't be letting our kids know about it. She said that we needed to "tone back" or postings. I told her "No problem N. Problem solved. Sorry to have distresed you", and I deleted her form our friends list. She sent me some subsequent messages, but once I saw that they were just more of the same thing, I didn't even respond except to say "Those that matter, won't care, and those that care, don't matter".
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