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Originally Posted by TeJoKo View Post
Why be concerned with clitoral stimulation during penile insertion? I am not. It is everyone else who wants me to be. I want to be able to orgasm, like the 70% of NORMAL women. Clitoral stimulation during intercourse causes too much stimulation and causes me pain. Just like the g-spot.
Why does my g-spot cause me pain if it gets other women off?
What can I tell you? You insist on making yourself miserable and I don't understand the impulse. It probably is unrelated to sex. Whether or not you'll ever be able to have a vaginal orgasm is really besides the point - it seems. The real point being how do you find fun and joy in sex (in all its forms) that seems to have not been part of your experience.

All I can hope is that some understanding comes over you that human variation is normal and that it doesn't make you defective or anything of that sort. With the a little bit of acceptance of yourself, then you have a good chance of finding the ability to thoroughly enjoy sex (I mean really find joy in sex) in the ways that feel most good to you. Being overly concerned with what other people can or cannot do is simply unproductive and a good way to make unnecessary sorrow for yourself.

Men like to know their partner has had an orgasm because of their own desire to please and, in many cases, our own insecurity. My experience is that the no vaginal orgasm women were just as sexy as the multi-orgasmic ones. Attitude, sense of fun and sexual confidence were much more attractive than if she's popping off like a top.
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