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Originally Posted by MindfulAgony View Post
My point in posting all of this, is that whoever or whatever put the notion in your head that you are defective is plain wrong.

More backgorund... "The "two-orgasm theory" (the belief that in females there is a vaginal orgasm and a clitoral orgasm), has been criticized by feminists such as Ellen Ross and Rayna Rapp as a "transparently male perception of the female body". The concept of purely vaginal orgasm was first postulated by Sigmund Freud. In 1905, Freud argued that clitoral orgasm was an adolescent phenomenon, and upon reaching puberty the proper response of mature women changes to vaginal orgasms. While Freud provided no evidence for this basic assumption, the consequences of the theory were greatly elaborated, partly because many women felt inadequate when they could not achieve orgasm via vaginal intercourse that involved little or no clitoral stimulation. Freud's claims about this and many other biological subjects, were later largely proven false or based on supposition."

Got to love Freud, still warping minds nearly a 100 years later. (I was trained in psycho-dynamic theory - the modern incarnation of Freud's psychoanalysis so that was not a completely random comment).

And, more recently... "In 1966, Masters and Johnson published pivotal research about the phases of sexual stimulation. Their work included women and men, and unlike Alfred Kinsey earlier (in 1948 and 1953), tried to determine the physiological stages before and after orgasm. One of the results was the promotion of the idea that vaginal and clitoral orgasms follow the same stages of physical response. Masters and Johnson also argued that clitoral stimulation is the primary source of orgasms."

Same source psych wiki.

Clitoral orgasms are the bomb (or so I've been told). Enjoy them. Why worry abou the rest?
I put that notion into my head because every fucking other women I have ever talked to about it CAN do it. Some men will literally CRY because they can't make a woman cum. Some men will repeat over and over "you gonna cum for me baby" ... I almost told him to get the fuck off me after the second time I had to say "No".
Why worry about it? It's affecting my relationships. It's at least affecting my relationship with myself. It's affecting my sanity. Having to share my men with a woman who can orgasm for them drives me nuts, depresses me, and makes me hate myself. The fact that I can dress nice and she can dress like a slob and she is still the one to get hit on drives me crazy too. Why do I bother wearing a bra and uncomfortable and unhealthy feminine clothing when I can just wear a stained wife beater and get the same kind of attention? I cannot handle being the defective one... Or being the one incapable of some special ability that 70% of all other women on earth possess.

My genetics are fucked. Even more reason never to have a child. If I ever did and passed even ONE of my negative genetic effects to the kid I would hate myself for it.
Does anyone know of a country I can go to to get a hysterectomy? They won't do it here.
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