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Default Drunk with the thought of ....poly.

I`ve learned in the last 9 days;
How fantastic possibilities can be, when they come to fruction. How very beautiful things are, when relationships are really meant to exsist. How lovely it feels, to naturally trust someone.
I`ve also learned, the power that comes from communication; that is not a result of force, or persuassion, but coming from a natural place of like-minds.

I`ve marveled over the never-ending, unconditional love, I feel in my marriage to my husband. How lovely it is to see him enjoying, learning, and engaging himself in the process.

I`ve also had my soul awakened and stretched. Feeling the intensity and raw power of new love grow and get heady with the zipper of completion. Something that my boyfriend Ariakas and I, both really needed.

The warmth, awe, and respect I feel for his lovely wife Pengrah, is also a another fascinating aspect. What a doll she is ! I truly enjoyed her company and humour.

I`ve learned, and I am hungry to learn more. I look forward to the challenges of opening my mind with regards to being 'out'. Or,informing our children, (if and when) a age-appropriate manner one day.

Yeah, isn`t to shabby right now.
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