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Originally Posted by AJbear77 View Post
I don't like the idea that a man can penetrate her and I can't. This is WAY more intimacy than I am able to have...the ability to feel her inside, and I don't want to share her in a way that I am not able to have her if that makes sense.
To me (as a man) the act of penetration is not what brings intimacy to my relationship with my gf. Intimacy, IMHO, comes from a meeting of the minds. How close can anyone truly be physically is only a matter of a few inches. But true intimacy really comes from the mind.

The most intimate moments my gf and I have shared have not involved my penis being anywhere near her virgina. Just holding each other and talking all night, sharing our thoughts, hopes, fears, desires, etc., have brought us closer together than any of the penetration we've experienced.
Anything worth having will take a great deal of effort!

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