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Default A point to sex without orgasm?

I am wondering what the point is to sex if you can't orgasm?
My boyfriend says the closeness, but we can have that closeness just cuddling before sleep. The touching and caressing? He can do that while we watch tv... He just tried to show me, by kissing me and squeezing my boob, and it made me feel like a piece of meat.

I feel defective because I am incapable of vaginal orgasm. I feel like what is the point? I don't want to get pregnant, and can't have vaginal orgasm, why put a penis in there at all when I can just wait until everyone's gone to work and get out my pocket rocket? And if I have to masturbate to to feel even the slightest bit orgasmic, why shouldn't he?

I read the 'Ejaculation' post on here, and tried it. No luck. It was uncomfortable and a bit painful. It feels like a full bladder, which is painful to me. And it left my vagina sore for two days from a finger being in there. Not like I want to basically pee everywhere anyway, I just want to have a vaginal orgasm. I just want to not be defective. ... My mom suggests that maybe they're doing it wrong... But I doubt 50 guys have ALL always done it wrong. My boyfriend can give other women orgasms, just not me.

I anticipate you all hating me before long due to my negativity, but whatever. I need somewhere to vent, and this is the only place I have available.
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